About Us

Two men and a cat. Is that a cliché now? I guess getting a second cat won’t help.  Here is our Venn diagram for gardening couples.

Me and PhilipPeeta

We have yet to see where we fall. We garden on a long neglected 0.7-acre property, though given the 70-degree slope over much of the lot I suspect square footage is substantially higher. Form follows function, our prime interests are woodlanders ignored by the ravenous deer. Epimediums delight us, we have been hard at work breeding things that are definitely not your granny’s fairy wings. We’re hopeless collectors. We went to a conference last year; I almost spit out my teeth. One of the speakers was a landscaper, like most of his ilk he loved monoclonal drifts, pooh poohing what he called one-itis. The difference between loving the growing of plants and loving a scene. I have gardened all my life, one of my earliest memories is of walking up our neighbors drive, an elderly doyen discussing the whispering of the poplars she had planted. My partner is late to the game. I knew the tide had turned the day I texted him about a tree limb I had chain-sawed on to my car, his response, “Were any plants hurt?” We call our garden business Chlorophyllia.

Venn Diagram

Thanks for visiting our website and welcome to visit Chlorophyllia nursery!!!

-Philip, Quan and Peeta