Landscapers vs gardeners. Sometimes the differences are clear. No more so perhaps than during an amusing presentation we recently attended  given by a garden designer who harangued the tendency of so many of us to what he termed “one-of-everything-it-is”.  He actually seemed to think there was something wrong with this approach. But really, what gardener can resist a new plant? His opinion was that the landscape should have only 3 underpinning plants. Alarming! Perhaps you have already come to the conclusion that on  the scale transcending from gardener to landscaper we fall far to the former. The language says it all, one cares for a garden and one maintains a landscape.

We are fortunate to have recently moved to a neglected property with bones so good it was heart-stopping even clothed in blackberry, ivy and weeds. So, landscaping done, we can focus on our true love, anything green. At our centre however, are woodland perennials. Virtually anything in the Berberadacea or Trilliaceae or Polygonates and their now no longer brethren Maianthemums. Not for us the weeds landscapers are so fond of, those things that can be propagated in the millions, surviving anything from road salt to direct assault. Unchanging in their uniformity and ease. One cares for those things that need tending, that are achingly slow, delicate and exacting. And in the spirit of “one-of-everything-it-is”, pretty much anything else, especially if its shiny. We hope you find something to ignite that gardener in you on our website. And do remember the gardeners guiding principle, “You really can’t be sure you can’t grow it until you’ve killed it 3 times”.